Although a standard cloud web hosting account is generally set up automatically, there're still small configuration jobs which are done personally by the hosting provider. Installing a virtual or a dedicated server requires even more efforts as a considerable amount of time is spent to install and configure the hardware and software platform, and then test the machine in order to ensure its correct functioning before it's handed over to the end user. To be able to cover the time spent on that, a number of providers have a set-up fee which you are required to pay at the time you obtain your brand new web hosting package. In some cases, that particular fee won't appear prior to reaching the payment page and you will not see it before that on your main page next to the website hosting plan attributes. In the general case, this fee is one-time and it may range from a little to a significant amount of money depending upon the company.

Setup Fee in Cloud Web Hosting

If you get a cloud web hosting plan via our company, the end price that you'll have to pay through the checkout is identical to the price you have already noticed on the main page and on every other page on our website. The payment processing and the account generation on our innovative cloud hosting system are almost completely automated, so we think that charging you any setup fees whatsoever is rather unreasonable. Even when you order a couple of accounts at one time, you will not be expected to spend any money for the setup or for any other concealed fees for that matter. It is our belief that being honest to each client from the beginning is much more valuable than obtaining a few extra dollars.