Having a website requires many other operations apart from registering a domain name and linking it to a couple of websites which are uploaded on a hosting server. Each of them is very important and impacts the user experience - both for you as the Internet site owner and for your site visitors. For instance, a script-driven website uses a database, files are uploaded using FTP, and communication with customers is done through e-mail, while some services demand certain domain records to be set up. Each of these things is crucial and if any of them is hard to manage or is simply absent from the range of services that your account comes with, the abilities of your Internet site could be limited, plus the overall control over the site can be quite aggravating if you are not able to perform some task.

Website Manager in Cloud Web Hosting

Our Linux cloud web hosting packages feature a powerful Website Manager tool where you can access everything related to your web presence quickly. The tool is an element of our custom Hepsia CP and features an incredibly easy-to-use interface, so you'll not have any issues even if you're creating your first Internet site and you've never had a website hosting account previously. You'll find a list of all the domain addresses hosted within your account and by clicking on each of them, you shall see a variety of quick-access buttons for pretty much everything. With simply several clicks, you will be able to see and modify the WHOIS information if the domain is registered through our company, to access the site files for it, to create a new database or to set up a script-driven app. You can even create a new FTP account, look at site visitor stats, and a lot more. All these options are accessible handily in one location.