Website Builder

Set up your very own personal website with one click straight away

Our cloud hosting packs include a user–friendly Site Creating Instrument. You’ll find it inside the Control Panel. This software offers a selection of more than 100 personal and business website themes plus an easy–to–use website management user interface. Just pick a website layout then upload your photographs and add textual content with just a mouse click. When ready, push the Publish button and your site will be published to the Internet in an instant.

Web App Installer

A 1–click Web Apps Installer with 40+ PHP scripts

In the Control Panel there’s a rapid, single–click Web Applications Installer tool, via which you can install over 40 free PHP scripts. It will help you bring your personal weblog, discussion board, photo gallery or web store online within minutes. Just pick out your preferred web app, specify the details and click on the Install button. That is all! Our platform will accomplish the installation on your behalf within seconds. Absolutely no code to write, no software to configure.

Website Installer

Start your brand new web site with just a click

Setting up a brand–new website in general is a hard and costly process. But we, at onegeneUK, did the tough work on your behalf – now you can set up your website using a ready–made website skin with just a click of the mouse. It’s really easy – all you need to do is just choose the type of your brand–new site – business or personal, and select a layout that you want. Our platform will take care of all the rest and will send you the login details so that you can begin working on your website momentarily.

VPN Access

Secure, private web browsing

In case you want to stay absolutely anonymous whilst browsing the Internet, we offer you a simple and effective option. With each of our cloud web hosting packages, you can gain Virtual Private Network access. We’ll route all your incoming and outgoing web site traffic through one of our VPN data centers, making your digital footmark untrackable. And you will gain VPN access no matter what web–connected device you are using.

Faster Performance

We’ve upgraded the network bandwidth to as much as 10 Gb/s to ensure much better Internet connectivity and ultra–fast loading speeds for your sites.

Additional servers will streamline server maintenance duties and will decrease aggravating service disruptions and outages. In addition, all user accounts are now hosted on solid–state drives, that have proved to be much faster and more stable compared to the conventional HDDs.


Full–featured and scalable cloud hosting services for your dynamic sites

Our cloud web hosting services allow for much quicker website loading speeds as well as a better scalability. The server load is spread between a couple of physical servers rather than a single one, so you will never be affected by server load problems or any routine maintenance procedures. Every single cloud web hosting pack comes with a point & click Control Panel available in more than ten different languages and with a Web Applications Installer tool, using which you can build personal journals, community portals, photo albums, and so on. If you’re not delighted by the actual service quality whatever the reason, simply make use of our 30–day MBG.

Service Scalability

A cloud web hosting service that grows more and more powerful along with your website’s necessities

Our custom–developed cloud web hosting system enables all your web sites to expand as much as you’d like them to. Scalability is guaranteed as all services are taken care of by a number of machines instead of a single one. In this way, you will be able to use as many of the allocated hosting resources as you want and you will never be affected by server load troubles or slow maintenance procedures. What’s more, you’ll be able to upgrade your hosting package with additional features or even upgrade to a more feature-rich hosting plan anytime you wish.

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